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Wong Keng Fuan

runs a studio specialising in stained glass and fused glass.
He has been involved in glass since 1985 and was largely
self taught.

Prior to that he had been an artist ‘in search of a medium’,
dabbling in watercolour painting,landscape design and
mosaic making,amongst other things

The technique of stained glass treats the lead line as a
primary element of its design and forces a more mechanistic
and intellectual approach;fused glass allows a more emotional
and spontaneous response.

This satisfies the parts of him that had been brought out by
his past training in the chinese ‘Hsieh-yi’ style of painting,where
great emphasis is placed on the spontaneous application of
ink and colour on rice paper.

This has its parallels with fused glass-the artist has to
understand and master annealing schedules,the various
chemical compositions of different glass and the results that
different degrees of heat give to the different oxides used to
colour glass.
These disparate elements are then combined and the kiln
finishes the work off using heat,time and gravity.

He was born in 1959,the fourth generation of immigrant
Chinese to Malaysia.
He spent two years in England ‘bumming about’,as he put it,
where he spent his time visiting musuems,art galleries,the great
English homes and their gardens,and generally trying to decide
if he wanted to reside permanently in the west;in the end he
upped and headed home,but not before coming into contact
and being greatlyinfluenced by the works of Carl Gustav Jung.

This influence informs his life and work at a very deep level,as
does certain aspects of esoteric Buddhism,and the mystic
components of Christianity and Sufism.

He resides in Penang,an island in the north of Malaysia,and
finds the proximity of nature,the colonial architecture and the
generally idyllic pace of life very conducive to his artistic
His clients include churches,banks,hotels and some corporations
as well as art collectors,architects,and other artists.

In his spare time he travels,scuba dives and tends to his
cockatoo,his plants and his twelve cats.


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